Garmin Astro 900 + T9 Collar COMBO

Garmin Astro 900 + T9 Collar COMBO


From Garmin, comes the Astro 900 with T9 Combo, the latest in GPS dog tracking devices.


The Garmin Astro 900 is only compatible with the T9 Tracking Collar, Fenix watches, and Drivetrack vehicle GPS screens

This product is NOT compatible with any other Garmin Tracking Equipment

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Garmin Astro 900 + T9 Collar COMBO

Garmin Astro 900 + T9 Collar COMBO. The Astro 900 is the newest in Garmin’s well-established Astro tracking line. With a 5-mile range and the ability to track up to 20 dogs when connected to the new T 9 collar, as well as an increase in the number of channels on which your system operates, you’ll spend more time enjoying the hunt rather than fighting your device. Interference from other devices can be a problem for many hunters, but with the Astro 900, you’ll reduce this problem significantly. The Astro 900 is a step up from previous Astro models, featuring a 900 MHz FHSS signal that makes the unit fully approved for use in Canada and the U.S.


Garmin’s Astro 900 takes the very best of the Astro line, including a 2.5-second update rate, connection to GPS and GLONASS satellite signals for added reliability, and intuitive, one-handed design. The unit is very much like the earlier Astro 430, but includes several major advances in performance.

Key Features of the Astro 900

  • • New Frequency, less interference
  • • Track up to 20 dogs
  • • Reliability with high-sensitivity GPS and GLONASS satellite reception
  • • 2.5-second update rate, providing faster location information
  • • Preloaded TOPO maps of the U.S. and southern Canada
  • • Hunt Metrics, which provides details on your dog’s speed, time in the field, and distance traveled
  • • The 2.6-inch display is easily read in the sun, and the handheld housing comes in a bright orange color so that the Astro 900 is easily found in the field
  • • Dog notifications tell you when your dog is “Treed” or “On-Point.”
  • • You’ll be able to access a compass and barometric altimeter for navigation
  • • This unit allows you to use rechargeable NiMH batteries or standard replaceable AA batteries
  • • Added connectivity means you can use this system with the Garmin DriveTrack or Fenix products


When you purchase the DriveTrack you can enable the Astro 900 to wirelessly transmit and share your dog list to the DriveTrack. This makes it much easier to track your dogs in your cab while hunting out of your truck.

Other Wearable Devices

The Astro 900 is also compatible with Garmin wearable watch devices. When paired with a Fēnix series watch, for example, you can see distance and direction of your dogs by simply looking down at your watch.

Change Collar Settings

Changing your collar setting while hunting is simple with the Astro. Change update rates and rescue mode at any distance (must have communication between Astro 900 handheld and T9 collar)


Compatible Devices:

  • • T9 Tracking Collar
  • • DriveTrack series in-vehicle dog trackers
  • • Fenix series watches

Not Compatible:

  • • Alpha 100 GPS
  • • Astro 430 / 320 / 220 GPSs
  • • TT10, TT15, TT15 mini
  • • T5, T5 mini
  • • DC50, DC40, DC30, DC20
  • • Astro/Alpha aftermarket antennas


Track & Control Codes

When linked to an Astro 900, users can share their dogs with other Astro 900 users, providing either track only or full control of the GPS dog collars. When tracking only permission is given they will not be able to change the collar settings such as update rates, ID number or turning the lights on or off. When control permissions are given, the second user has full access to change all settings.

Garmin Astro 900 With T9 Tracking collarState-of-the-Art GPS Tracking for Dogs

It is less likely for your GPS dog collar to lose satellite reception while hunting in heavy cover or deep canyons due to the highly sensitive top mounted GPS module that tracks with GLONASS technology. With GLONASS, both your handheld and collar are able to receive signals from a total of 49 earth orbiting satellites. That’s 21 more satellites than the 320 and early versions of the Astro.

Rescue Mode

Enabling Rescue Mode allows for increased battery life by dropping update rates down to 2-minute intervals when battery life decreases to less than 25%.

Quick Collar-Strap Changes

The Garmin T 9 uses the same collar strap design as the Garmin Alpha T5, TT15, and Astro DC50 collars. These collar straps are quick and easy to switch without the use of tools. Simply slide your collar straps through the integral channels on the Garmin T9.

Helpful Tone Indicator

Tone indication is a feature that came added to the Astro 430, and sounds off as audible feedback when adding a collar to your handheld or changing the settings. For example, when you change the dog type to “treeing dog,” your T9 will beep to let you know you have successfully completed the task.

Adjustable Dog Status

Using the updated Astro 900, you can change the status for each dog wearing a T9 to reflect what they’re doing. This lets your Astro know that when your dog is sitting idle he or she could be on point or has game treed.

Protective Antenna Sleeve

The T9’s antenna sleeve protects your antenna from wear and tear but also keeps it upright so as to receive satellite signals. The use of zip ties and electrical tape are no longer necessary with the protection of the T 9’s antenna sleeve.


The Garmin Astro’s USB port plugs right into your laptop allowing for the use of Basecamp to track your dogs when hunting out of your truck.

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S 36-38 29-31 36.5-38.5
M 38-40 31-33 38.5-40.5
L 40-42 33-36 40.5-43.5
XL 42-45 36-40 43.5-47.5
XXL 45-48 40-44 47.5-51.5


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